Prior to joining Benubi, whilst at Dragon Rouge, Senior Benubi Associates worked with Symrise. The brief was to clarify the vision and essence of the business and brand and work with the senior team to ensure the business performance and reputation was in the best possible shape at the time of the planned IPO.

Services we provided

  • Definition of the new brand essence and values
  • Creation of a new identity
  • Creation of a new image library
  • Creation of visual guidelines
  • Development of key communication messages
  • Development of an internal and external communication plan
  • Development of internal engagement materials, including brand session(s), brand video, brand book
  • Design and content development for communications materials, such as a new corporate brochure, corporate briefing pack, Annual Report, CSR Report and the corporate website
  • Content development and design for marketing materials, such as corporate advertising, banners, posters, PR folders, client magazines
  • Senior management engagement programme and materials
  • On-going international implementation support
  • Brand Movie

“During the last year we in the Symrise brand team and especially you, have worked to make this specific moment, the IPO, perfect. You literally worked day and night and with your huge commitment and enthusiasm, you have also motivated the internal brand team and the rest of the business.

The new Symrise story lives up to the promise: it is easily getable, professional, well-designed and consistent. I am sure that Symrise is now fit for its challenging future and that our efforts will breed success for the company.
I would like to say thank you for your untiring commitment, your professional advice and your moral support during all these months. We have often made jokes about it – but I really feel that you have become a “member of the Symrise family” during these months! Your expertise, your ability to take stress, your intelligence and deep understanding of our industry on the one hand and your sense of humor and cheerful nature on the other have enriched our cooperation,the entire project and last but not least me personally.”

Katja Derow, Global VP Communications, Symrise (now Red Roses)