Your world has changed a whole lot in the past decade or so. And that’s not going to stop.

Every day, new technologies and digital platforms emerge, changing the way you and your customers think and behave. These are exciting times. People are better informed when it comes to making decisions and ever more sophisticated when it comes to brand loyalty. Helping you to find new and amazing ways to connect is what we love.

The Advantage of &²


At Benubi, our focus is to help you to build a better business and brand, everywhere and always. Our aim is to work with you to make change happen – and stick. With us at your side, you have access to the best possible experts. And because we work in a virtual world there are no expensive overheads, unnecessary fee charges for office politics, internal meetings or, sadly, posh biscuits.

From an international team of 30 leading business consultants, creative and digital brand specialists – working from London, Amsterdam, New York and Paris – we provide you with a bespoke team. We ensure that your team’s skills match your needs and connect you directly to the people creating the strategy, content and technology. Simple. Effective. Efficient.


Ben means ‘my right hand’ – which is what we set out to be. It also means ‘better’ in Latin – which is the difference we aim to make.

Ubi means everywhere and always, reflecting our virtual 21st century way of working.